About our Cafe

Hi! My name is Julissa and I am the owner of Polaris Street Cafe! South Texas born and raised, I came from the skincare world and dove into the restaurant business with my late husband, Jesse. Jesse had a background in the culinary world and it was his dream to have a mom & pop restaurant one day. We came across Polaris St Cafe  in 2014 when we took a wrong turn and decided to have some breakfast there.  It soon became our go to breakfast place. Polaris St Cafe was established in 1993.

In 2017 Jesse and I made his  dream a reality, with lots of plans ahead of the changes he wanted to make at the restaurant,  from changing the Menu,  decor, getting a new POS and the most important adding some  Mexican flair  to the dishes  but that all changed in 2018,  Jesse got very sick and passed away that summer leaving his dream behind so I decided to keep his dream alive and move forward on my own, even thought I didn't have the culinary background. I made some changes and added a Tex-Mex flair to my to dishes. 

I hope you will stop by to check us out!

You’ll find me doing a little bit of everything, from greeting customers,  taking orders and doing  some coffee runs. I love my restaurant and love meeting new customers as well as seeing my regulars too!
 So next time you’re in Vegas and you spot me at restaurant say Hi!